Adventure Activities around Bangalore

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pIf your team is tired of pouring over tones of data, interacting with less than pleasant clients and sitting at their desk all day long, adventure is what could get th all excited and rejuvenated. There are quite a lot of options you have for adventure activities emaround Bangalore, which could get your teams adrenaline pumping, and also help in building a strong team in the process. Dirt Bikingp align=centerimg border= pDriving an ATV through a dirt track is pure fun, and when it is done with colleagues, even more so. Dirt biking is making a comeback of sorts in Bangalore. You could either get on an ATV at some of the upcoming adventure joints in the city, or you could dust off your bike and get on some dirt biking trails specifically made for the purpose. Trekking and camping align=centerimg border= pRegions around Bangalore are a delight for all kinds of trekkers- the amateurs as well as the hardcore trekkers. There are a world of options you have when it comes to trekking Bangalore- from Bandipur wildlife sanctuary to Bheemeshwari, Doddamakali and the rest. Paraglidingp align=centerimg border= pThere is something special about soaringke an eagle in the sky, looking down on verdant valleys and majestic hilltops which lookke tiny specs. The best part- paragliding is possible around Bangalore. Nandi Hills is the best place to indulge in some paragliding. There is also the Jakkur Flying Club where you can try your hands at it. Apart from being an adrenaline pumping adventure, it could also serve the purpose of getting your employees motivated to overcome their fears and reach new heights. pPaintball pCorporate team outing doesn''t need to be about exhilarating adventure alone. A team games and team outing could also serve as a nice break from the monotony offe. And what better way to do it than paintball. In recent years, the sport has made its way from New Hampshire to India. Cubbon Park and Global Paintball on Dinnur Main Road are nice places to indulge in some paintball fun. Rappelling and rock climbingp align=centerimg name=il_fi id=il_fi pPlaces around Bangalore are blessed with great rock formations, which offer the perfect setting for thrilling rock climbing and rappelling adventures. Some of the best places around Bangalore for rock climbing and rappelling are the granite formations of Ramanagaram, the huge monolith of Savanadurga, which is also the highest in Karantaka; and the rocky terrain of Chitradurga. Trusting the rope and hence, learning to trust, is what employees gain from activities such as these. Jumaring p align=center img pThis is the newest adventure activity in town, and it is quite different from the other well known ones out there. Instead of rock climbing the usual way, jumaring incorporates the army exercise of climbing on ropes. The rocks of Ramanagram, Coorg, Dandeli and Bheemeshwar offer you the most satisfying Jumaring experience. Raftingp align=center img There are quite a few destinations around Bangalore where you can indulge in white water rafting. The crazy rapids of the River Kaveri, or that of River Barapole in Coorg, are exciting for sure. Some of the best destinations for river rafting around Bangalore are that of Dandeli, Bheemeshwar, Coorg and Agumbe. For more ideas on corporate team outing in Bangalore and team building activities, is what might interest you too. If information on resorts around Bangalore is what you are looking for, is what you will find to yourking.